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Autumn-Winter Style - A spectrum of Colours

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

Autumn is slowly drifting towards us. As once luscious emerald leaves begin to fall from trees on turning red, yellow, then brown as the chlorophyll production halts until spring. Trees become bare, and go into their temporary slumber, homo sapiens sapiens begin to layer up! It's probably time to think about your autumn wardrobe. Autumn style, my favourite.

In September, why not try restyling your current wardrobe, by yourself or with some online personal styling from Wardrobe Yarns Enrobed personal styling services? Or perhaps you have a few missing pieces? Browse the pre-loved and new gems from the Wardrobe Yarns online store.

I am a colour fiend so the kaleidoscope of colours for autumn/winter 2023 is definitely in my Wardrobe Yarns. Whether it’s the trend or not, I’m sure you have at least one of these colours in various tones in your wardrobe somewhere. one for each day of the week. How does the rainbow song go again? Red, and grey, and yellow and black, chocolate and and blue and pink.

Similarly, since we are approaching autumn, in September, why not try restyling your current wardrobe, by yourself or with some online personal styling from Wardrobe Yarns Enrobed personal styling services. Or perhaps you have a few missing pieces? Making the most of what you already have or buying pre-loved, end of line, or deadstock can be kind to your purse in this cost of living emergency in the UK as well as being eco-friendly for you, your local area, nationally and internationally.

The spaghetti sleeve maxi dress was originally purchased in 2016 for our summer holiday to Ghana. Visit my Instagram page for a wardrobe yarn about this ensemble, worn near the end of summer 2020.

Full on Ruby Tones

All over your body. Lady in red, whether it's a dress, skirt, top, shoes, coat, a clutch bag. You name it and claim it! Red, in this instance means “Go!”

This snake skin jacquard cross-over maxi dress from H&M (#HM), is a 2018 Christmas present from my dear friend who always used to buy me something red! The cross-over body bag by Gloria Ortiz, styled as clutch, was a purchase from our fantastic time away in Lisbon in 2018. The red leather biker jacket, belt and French Connection patent boots are nearing 20 years old, both from TK Maxx. The leather belt was thrift find when I was an undergraduate.

Handle your Business in Shades of Grey

These steely colours resemble the skies that we have seen this summer in the UK and as we enter autumn. Greys also remind me of simple elegance, whether your doing the school run, work wear to an evening out with friends.

This oversized belted soft coat was a purchase from a market stall in Stratford, in 2016 on my way home from work. It is surprisingly warm, and heavy. It is my go to coat. It almost feels like wool. I also bought it in a fleece material in mustard and olive green, which I donated to charity sometime ago.

Beyond Mellow Yellows and Buttermilk

Feel like an autumn leaf with all spectrum of yellows, that leaves you with plenty of shades to layer up with. That spark of cheer and warmth as the days grow shorter and the air turns cooler.

"The day I bought this yellow dress is also the day my pescatarian life came to a halt, since my body was craving red meat, as my iron levels were so low..."

This sunflower yellow dress was a one-off thrift find in a charity shop in South East London, when I was seven months pregnant with my son (in the image he was about 11 months old), in summer 2019. Designer and dressmaker unknown. But I loved the faux wrap skirt style and of course the colour. The day I bought this dress is also the day my pescatarian life came to a halt, since my body was craving red meat as I was soon about to find out! My iron levels were still so low, despite having recently had an ferratin infusion. I finally wore the dress one day in the lockdown in Summer 2020, when we went for a stroll in the park, soaking in the last of the summer rays.

Black from Head to Toe

I’m sure we can all do that. Who doesn’t have a black t-shirt or blouse? Or a black cardigan, dress, shoes and handbag ensemble? But you know, I won’t be able to resist adding one or several statement pieces of colour power to the mix, like “My Marrakesh Moment” dress, from Matalan, worn in 2013 for an evening out at Cafe Arabe in Marrakesh. So chic. The end.

Chocolate and Caramel

Chocolate wrap maxi leather skirt, a thrift find from over twenty years ago with a black lace high neck blouse and knee high suede boots from H&M (2018). Lulu Guinness Wanda handbag (2015) See this ensemble flow in the Wardrobe Yarn video.

Blues, Elegant Purples and Liquid Silvers

Everyday is runway day! Gleaming silvers or deep glacial blues.

Silver stilettoes from Coach, bought from TK Maxx in 2015. Barely worn. I think I may have worn this with pale blue prom dress for a 60th birthday party in 2015.

Deep blue/purple leather clutch bag, a thrift find from at least 15 years ago. I have to admit, there is no wardrobe yarn to this clutch bag yet. It's calling out for a yarn!

Pinks and Peach

From the palest to the deepest hues of pink, whether its for the inner or outer Barbie in you. Pink hair and don't care!

My 30th birthday present from my hubby, over a decade ago, this bandeau satin fuchsia dress from Ted Baker, paired with a red cardigan from Next, circa 2012 and the silver Coach heels and Gloria Ortiz cross-over body bag.


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