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Frequently Asked Questions

I  want to lose weight. Should I wait before booking my session with you?

In short, no! How many months have you been promising yourself that you're going to lose a few pounds? The styling process is all about increasing your confidence and building your self-esteem using clothes.


Straight away I'll be able to show you how to drop a dress size just by selecting the right clothes for your body shape. This may well provide you with the motivation to start your weight loss but it equally might show you that you don't need to lose weight to look good.

Either way you'll feel better about yourself and maybe it’ll provide the kick-start you've needed to embark on a healthier life style.

Do I have to get naked?

You will be getting changed and trying on lots of different outfits but

a): you can do this in a separate room if you'd like and

b): you'll always have your underwear on.


Do try and remember that I see women of all different ages, shapes and sizes everyday of the week! I'm no stick insect myself!

How much money will I need to spend on clothes?

It's more about making the most of what you've already got in your wardrobe than encouraging you to spend money. That said, you may be missing key pieces, that may cost less than £10! As your personal stylist, if I am shopping for you I don't make any money on the clothes I purchase, and any discount that I receive I pass directly on to you. You may have nothing to spend  or money to invest in your style story- either way, I can work with you.

I’m having a wardrobe re-style, what do I need to do to prepare?

You could leave things as they are, but recommend doing some tidying up of your wardrobe, such as hanging up your clothes and pairing up your shoes etc. I could do this for you if you wish, but equally you may not want to pay the hourly rate to do this basic clean-up. Don't throw anything away though!

How far will you travel?

I don't have any issues with travelling any distance but I do like to work around my son, which generally means I need to travel from and back to my area (IG10 3UF) between 10am and 3pm. With advance notice I can increase these hours to 6pm.

How much does the concierge service cost?

The concierge service costs £1500 + £130 per hour on arrival at your home + petrol at 45p per mile from IG10 3UF + any travel time over 30 mins away from IG10 3UF is charged at £10 per quarter of an hour. 

Regardless of whether the concierge pre-shopping service takes 2 days or 2 weeks the cost remains the same at £1500. The wardrobe re-style that follows will typically take 3-4 hours and is charged at £130 per hour.​​ 

How much does the personal shopping trip cost?

The personal shopping trip costs £700 and includes 2 hours pre-shop and 2 hours of shopping together + petrol at 45p per mile from IG10 3UF + any travel time over 30 mins away from IG10 3UF is charged at £10 per quarter of an hour. 


Any additional time over 4 hours is charged at the standard rate of £130 per hour

How much does the wardrobe restyle cost?

A Wardrobe Yarns Re-style: usually takes 3-5 hours depending on the size of your wardrobe.


It costs £800 for a maximum of 4 hours + £130 per hour after that + petrol charged at 45p per mile from IG10 3UF and travel time over 30 mins from IG10 3UF charged at £10 per quarter.

How much does the Online Shopping/Pinterest Cost?

A fantastic cost effective way of using a stylist to source a special outfit or even an entire capsule wardrobe bespoke to your body shape, needs, and budget. Perfect for introducing you to new brands and styles.


More than an inspiration board, these items are a carefully curated selection that have been found and ready to purchase in your size. Simply click on the image and it'll take you directly to the store.

Cost: £100 per hour for a stylist

When and how do I pay you?

For a face to face session I'll send you an invoice after our session together and you can pay by bank transfer. For any online sessions /pinterest boards these are payable upfront via PayPal

I have more questions can I call you?

Of course you can! On my Stylist days I may be  out with clients so I cannot answer my phone but please leave a message and I'll call you back as soon as I can.

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