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About Me

Sustainably Stylish

“I am a firm believer that you can look stylish no matter your size or shape, you do not have to break the bank in order to look good, nor do you always need to purchase something new. You can be sustainably stylish. Firstly by looking at what you already have, reflecting on the memories that key pieces may hold for you,  and curate ensembles with newer and pre-loved pieces around them that you can return to season after season. Being mindful of your own wardrobe yarn that comfortably and stylishly enrobes you wherever you are, as your story continues to unfold.”​


Janet Yaa,

Founder and Style Director of Wardrobe Yarns Enrobed

“Everyone shines, given the right lighting”

Susan Cain

My Wardrobe Yarns...

With a successful career as leader in education, transforming young peoples’ lives in London, I took time to start a long desired family, as an older mum. A few weeks shy of my son turning 6 months old, and nearing the end of my maternity leave, the first lockdown occurred in the UK. Life changed in a most unimaginable way again. New adjustments had to be made. Like many, my life became full of walks in the park, social distancing alongside online connections. What else to do?

Many of my memorable moments are linked to clothes and accessories of some kind, and after listening to the audiobook of Year of Saying Yes, by Shonda Rhimes, and a embarking on a dream walk with my husband, these were the catalysts for me stepping into the world of Instagram and YouTube during the 2020 lockdowns.

In my undergraduate years I used to design clothes for myself and my longest established friend for numerous events in our social calendar and then have them custom made for us. Another dear friend, myself and along with my very reluctant sister could spend hours going through the rails of clothes in shops at our local shopping centre and across London until we found the piece that spoke to us! Sometimes we would leave with nothing! Wherever I travelled, at home or abroad I would seek the nearest market or shopping centre to ensure I snapped up a gem specific that that place.

The golden thread throughout these journeys was my discovery of pre-loved clothing on my solitary jaunts rummaging through the rails and shelves of vintage, thrift, charity shops and car-boot sales across London and then putting together an ensemble as part of my everyday wardrobe or for a night out. Thrift shopping, designing and styling all came together over a decade ago, when I organised and planned what I called my Afro-Shabby Chic-esque themed wedding, including designing the bridesmaid dresses and invitations.

As a new mum, Instagram, YouTube and my website were tools and a means to explore my creativity again in numerous ways including curating a more sustainable lifestyle, that included fashion and styling as I navigated being a new older mum of a then 7 month old, with the hope that it would resonate with women in situations similar as well as those dissimilar to my own. This is where Wardrobe Yarns was initially woven, the concept that “many of your clothes and accessories have a story to tell if you cared to listen.”

Wardrobe Yarns began as a series in 2020, where I reminisced over some clothes and accessories, many bought brand new, others whilst shopping in vintage and charity shops, which have journeyed with me. The series explored sustainable ways to look fabulous. Reflecting, restyling and repurposing clothes and accessories that may already be in your wardrobe before you consider buying something new to wear. “Make up. Make do. Maximise what you already have.”

Post-lockdown, I returned to the world of work and resumed my role as an educator, which also saw me reacquaint myself with my curated wardrobe, and transformed body. This has encouraged me to curate for other women too. Since, I find encouraging and helping people exciting, now I can focus this in a way that can help women to discover their beauty and making it shine. This is where the golden threads of starting an online clothing and accessories store, and becoming a personal stylist for the everyday woman were subsequently woven into Wardrobe Yarns Enrobed.

As a personal stylist that is passionate about helping you love the way you look, I provide expert advice to create a well-rounded, stylish, sophisticated and sustainable wardrobe because what you wear tells a story about you.

So, get in touch, even if it is only to hear your own personal wardrobe yarns.

Janet Yaa x

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