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Discover the Magic of a Curated Rail at the Christmas Market

Last week Saturday I did my very first pop-up market! It was bijou in size. a charity Christmas Market at a pub, The Duke, in east London. They were raising money for their outreach projects in their local area. So, there were a small selection of stalls selllng their wares: old fashioned suitcases, handmade resin earrings, stirling silver jewellery, Christmas trees and pre-loved/vintage clothing and accessories. That's where I come into the picture.

I had my sustainable sparklies rail. A curated Christmas dress rail curtesy of The Fashion Flea, a duo who organise pop-up pre-loved clothing and accessories stalls in cafes in east London. Though I was not standing out in the hustle and bustle, of the cool early December day Christmas market, I did pop by throughout the day in between cups of camomile tea, soup, conversations with family and surprise visits from friends who also came to support me, to style where I could. Even items that were not from my curated collection.

The afternoon was topped off with Christmas carols sung, by locals from a local church, outside the pub. Followed by a much needed early Christmas dinner and sister time with three of my dear friends. That's when I know my Christmas season has begun. Dinner, laughter and conversations full of grace. I hope that they made a substantial amount to go towards their outreach projects. A huge thank you to Karina and Claire from The Fashion Flea for letting me debut my collection.

Highlights in the vlog below!


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